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He s running...

Hier eine email die ich erhalten habe und für alle die sagen occuppy hätte nichts bewirkt:

You are receiving this email because you signed up as part of our campaign for president in 2016. Unless you sign up to join below, we will no longer send you additional messages after today.

Sisters and Brothers -

I am writing to let you know I have decided to run for president of the United States. I am asking you to join me today as part of an unprecedented and historic grassroots campaign that will begin with at least a million people from across the country.

Please join our campaign for president on day one and commit to doing what it takes to win this election.

Our campaign is not only about defeating Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history. It is not only about winning the Democratic nomination and the general election.

Our campaign is about transforming our country and creating a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice.

Our campaign is about taking on the powerful special interests that dominate our economic and political life. I'm talking about Wall Street, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex, the private prison industry and the large multinational corporations that exert such an enormous influence over our lives.

Our campaign is about redoubling our efforts to end racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry and all forms of discrimination.

Our campaign is about creating a vibrant democracy with the highest voter turnout of any major country while we end voter suppression, Citizens United and outrageous levels of gerrymandering.

Our campaign is about creating a government and economy that work for the many, not just the few. We are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. We should not have grotesque levels of wealth inequality in which three billionaires own more wealth than the bottom half of the country.

We should not have 30 million Americans without any health insurance, even more who are underinsured and a nation in which life expectancy is actually in decline.

We should not have an economy in which tens of millions of workers earn starvation wages and half of older workers have no savings as they face retirement.

We should not have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on Earth and a dysfunctional childcare system which is unfair to both working parents and their children.

We should not have a regressive tax system in which large, profitable corporations like Amazon pay nothing in federal income taxes.

Make no mistake about it. The powerful special interests in this country have unbelievable power and they want to maintain the status quo. They have unlimited amounts of money to spend on campaigns and lobbying and have huge influence over the media and political parties.

The only way we will win this election and create a government and economy that work for all is with a grassroots movement – the likes of which has never been seen in American history.

They may have the money and power. We have the people. That is why we need one million Americans who will commit themselves to this campaign.

Stand with me as we fight to win the Democratic nomination and the general election. Add your name to join this campaign and say you are willing to do the hard work necessary to transform our country.

You know as well as I do that we are living in a pivotal and dangerous moment in American history. We are running against a president who is a pathological liar, a fraud, a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe and someone who is undermining American democracy as he leads us in an authoritarian direction.

I'm running for president because, now more than ever, we need leadership that brings us together – not divides us up. Women and men, black, white, Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight, young and old, native born and immigrant. Now is the time for us to stand together.

I'm running for president because we need leadership that will fight for working families and the shrinking middle class, not just the 1 percent. We need a president who understands that we can create millions of good-paying jobs, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and construct the affordable housing we desperately need.

I'm running for president because we need trade policies that reflect the interests of workers and not multi-national corporations. We need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, provide pay equity for women and guarantee all workers paid family and medical leave.

I'm running for president because we need to understand that artificial intelligence and robotics must benefit the needs of workers, not just corporate America and those who own that technology.

I'm running for president because a great nation is judged not by how many billionaires and nuclear weapons it has, but by how it treats the most vulnerable – the elderly, the children, our veterans, the sick and the poor.

I'm running for president because we need to make policy decisions based on science, not politics. We need a president who understands that climate change is real, is an existential threat to our country and the entire planet, and that we can generate massive job creation by transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

I'm running for president because the time is long overdue for the United States to join every other major country on Earth and guarantee health care to all people as a right, not a privilege, through a Medicare-for-all program.

I'm running for president because we need to take on the outrageous level of greed of the pharmaceutical industry and lower prescription drug prices in this country.

I'm running for president because we need to have the best educated workforce in the world. It is totally counterproductive for our future that millions of Americans are carrying outrageous levels of student debt, while many others cannot afford the high cost of higher education. That is why we need to make public colleges and universities tuition free and lower student debt.

I'm running for president because we must defend a woman's right to control her own body against massive political attacks taking place at the local, state and federal level.

I'm running for president because we need real criminal justice reform. We need to invest in jobs and education for our kids, not more jails and incarceration. We need to end the destructive "war on drugs," eliminate private prisons and cash bail and bring about major police department reform.

I'm running for president because we need to end the demonization of undocumented immigrants in this country and move to comprehensive immigration reform. We need to provide immediate legal status for the young people eligible for the DACA program and develop a humane policy for those at the border who seek asylum.

I'm running for president because we must end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. We need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons.

I'm running for president because we need a foreign policy which focuses on democracy, human rights, diplomacy and world peace. The United States must lead the world in improving international cooperation in the fight against climate change, militarism, authoritarianism and global wealth inequality.

That is why we need at least a million people to join our campaign and help lead the movement that can accomplish these goals. Add your name to say we're in this together.

Needless to say, there is a lot of frightening and bad news in this world. Now, let me give you some very good news.

Three years ago, during our 2016 campaign, when we brought forth our progressive agenda we were told that our ideas were "radical" and "extreme." We were told that Medicare for All, a $15 an hour minimum wage, free tuition at public colleges and universities, aggressively combating climate change, demanding that the wealthy start paying their fair share of taxes, were all concepts that the American people would never accept.

Well, three years have come and gone. And, as result of millions of Americans standing up and fighting back, all of these policies and more are now supported by a majority of Americans.

Together, you and I and our 2016 campaign began the political revolution. Now, it is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for.

So here is my question for you:

Will you stand with me as part of a million person grassroots movement which can not only win the Democratic primary, not only win the general election, but most importantly help transform this country so that, finally, we have a government that works for all of us and not just the few? Add your name to say you will.

Together we can create a nation that leads the world in the struggle for peace and for economic, racial, social and environmental justice.

And together we can defeat Donald Trump and repair the damage he has done to our country.

Brothers and sisters, if we stand together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

I hope you will join me.

Thank you very much.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

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#Sanders2020 - Chancen
ja ich weiss, ich sehe auch sehr wenig realistische chancen dass er Trump schlagen kann, ich hoffe es taucht noch jemand anders auf...

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Ich möchte Dich, von user zu user, bitten Punkt 14 der FAQ´s zu beachten und den Text inhaltlich auf Deutsch zusammenzufassen

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Ich bin kein besonderer Fan von Donald Trump, aber ich kann mir keinen Kandidaten der Demokraten vorstellen, der mir als amerikanischer Präsident lieber wäre.

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Das kann man nicht vorhersagen. Wer hätte denn vor den letzten Wahlen damit gerechnet dass jemand wie Trump wie Phönix aus der Asche entsteht und zum Präsidenten gewählt wird. Trump ist auch nicht mein Fall, denn er ist ein diplomatischer Thesaurus Rex. Was dafür spricht ist, dass er gewählt wird könnte die Wirtschaft sein. Auch die Strafzölle könnten für ihn in den Staaten zu einen Erfolg führen,denn die Steuern wurden ja gesenkt. Das verspricht deutschen Firmen, wenn sie die Kapazität haben, in den USA Produktionsstätten zu errichten hohen Gewinn. Für Deutschland würde dies ein volkswirtschaftlicher Schaden bedeuten, für die großen deutschen Konzerne bedeutet es eine betriebswirtschaftliche Gewinnoptimierung. Wenn hier absehbar ist, dass wegen Trump deutsche Firmen in den USA investieren werden, wird es Trumps Wahlgewinn fördern. Gerade in den USA, denn die Amerikaner favosieren nicht wie wir Deutsche ein weiches soziales Polster, sondern eine Grundlage, um um sich selbst kümmern zu können.

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Scylla hat Dich ja bereits darauf hingewiesen:

14. Sind Fremdsprachen im Chat oder im Forum erlaubt?
Nein. ist eine deutschsprachige Community. Wir bitten deshalb um Verständnis dafür, dass wir anderssprachige Texte in der Regel nicht stehen lassen. Ausnahmen sind englischsprachige Texte, die für eine Diskussion wichtig und ohne deutschsprachiges Äquivalent sind; in diesem Fall bitten wir aber um eine kurze Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache.

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Sanders ist 2016 in den Vorwahlen gescheitert und will es noch einmal versuchen? Ist schon ziemlich wahnwitzig.

Nachtrag vom 20.02.2019 1710
Sorry, falsch angehängt.

Sollte an den Eröffnungspost gehängt werden.

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Wahnwitzig vielleicht, aber absolut nicht ungewöhnlich, es gibt da etliche Kandidaten die sich mehrere Male erfolglos beworben haben, als Independent Kandidat (bzw. für die Green Party) etwa Jill Stein und unzählige andere die es mehrfach probiert haben.

Am Anfang sind es ja teilweise über ein Dutzend Kandidaten einer Partei, im Laufe des Vorwahlkampfes wird das dann auf wenige Kandidaten eingedampft und am Ende bleibt in der Regel ein Kandidat pro Partei übrig und ein freier Kandidat oder mehrere, die aber nie echte Chancen haben.

Aus der Sicht von außen mag eine Kandidatur einer Jill Stein, früher eines Ross Perot und anderen völlig überflüssig erscheinen, das hält diese Kandidaten aber nicht ab, es zu versuchen.

In einem Jahr etwa beginnen die Primaries and Caucuses (Vorwahlen), da trennt sich dann die Spreu vom Weizen und im Sommer 2020 wissen wir dann ungefähr auf welche Kandidaten es hinausläuft.

Im Zweifel ist Sanders dann schon draußen, falls er sich durchsetzen sollte, sehe ich schwarz da die Konservativen Wähler ihn ja als Sozialisten ansehen, also als den Teufel persönlich... dann würden die Chancen von Trump vermutlich sprunghaft ansteigen.

Aber das ist im Moment alles Kaffeesatzleserei.

dustinpedroia antworten
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Finde ich auch wahnwitzig. Zumal einiges dafür spricht, dass Sanders, wie Wikileaks veröffentlichte von der eigenen Partei möglichst auf das Abstellgleis gestellt wurde. Eine Journalistin von CNN muste, weil sie bei der Manipulation mitgewirkt haben soll gehen. Unter den Demokraten selbst scheint es Kräfte zu geben, die Sanders nicht wollen.

orangsaya antworten
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Occupy hat auch nichts bewirkt und Sanders wird wieder scheitern.

Anonymous antworten
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Was Sanders betrifft, so glaube ich nicht, dass die Demokraten einen fast achtzig Jahre alten Menschen aufstellen werden, der moglichst die nächsten acht Jahre Präsident sein soll. Sollte es Sanders trotzdem versuchen, so würde er in meinen Augen am Peter Pan Syndrom leiden 😉 Ähnlich sieht es mit Pelosi aus vermtlich werden sie eine jüngere Frau, die nicht wie Clinton, als Teil einer Vetternwirtschaft im Ansehen vorbelastet ist. Letztlich werden es die Mitglieder der Demokraten entscheiden, denn die Frage, wer nominiert wird, ist in den USA sehr demokratisch.

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